SURFACE has been a reveling and inspiring journey between myself and the planet at places that I find astonishingly beautiful. When I open my eyes, what I see is far more beautiful than the images I left behind.

When I create these images I am looking for sensations on my own surface while being exposed to the elements. I close my eyes, feeling full of the beauty surrounding me.

The wind, the water, the sand, animals, I won’t look at them, I just feel. The more I get into this process my body and mind will take me to a meditative state. At this place there are no images in my head, just a profound dialog with my body and peace in my soul. Cold, heat, pain, fear, warmth, pleasure merge through my skin. These images emerge from the struggle of creating my own new reality. I dreamed the dream.

SURFACE is a project about intimate sanctuaries, the human body, the sea, the earth. The skin is the territory where we connect with the planet. We feel through our skin, the human surface.